๐Ÿš€ CELH Earnings Alert: Is Our +270% Winner Set for Another Surge?

November 6, 2023

The sweetest victories often come from bets placed on proven winners.

Celsius Holdings (CELH) is perhaps the best example of this in the LikeFolio universe, emerging as one of our most significant wins, in good company with names like Nvidia and Crocs.

Our bullish stance, initiated when CELH was a sub-$7 contender, has held for more than 3 years as the company continues to gain footing in the energy drink market.

Our bullish position opened in early 2022 has soared by more than +270%.

And the bullish call we made in February of this year? It's nearly doubled.

As Celsius prepares to ring in its earnings report on Tuesday morning, itโ€™s time for a health check for CELH. The initial look is promising.

Celsius mentions have skyrocketed by +131% year-over-year, a pace that leaves even the stock's gains in the dust.

Meanwhile, web visits have jumped by 51% year-over-year, outpacing the growth of the formidable market share leader, Monster Energy.

It's clear that the fitness community's thirst for CELH's "better for you" energy drinks is far from quenched.

What is helping to drive CELH gains of late?

Nearly a year ago, the company strategically aligned with PepsiCo in a $550 million deal that not only injected capital but also delivered a distribution powerhouse into CELH's corner.

This partnership has been a catalyst for growth, with CELH smashing past the $300 million sales mark in a single quarter for the first timeโ€”a +112% increase from the previous year's second quarter.

North America has been the star of the show, delivering a 1+14% surge in revenue to $311 million. Celsius has not only maintained its position as the third top energy drink brand in the U.S. but has also doubled its market share to 8.6%, making significant inroads in convenience stores and foodservice channels.

Internationally, sales have swelled by 76%. And with plans to further leverage the PepsiCo partnership, CELH is eyeing additional gains here.

The brand's innovation isn't slowing down either.

The upcoming CELSIUS ESSENTIALS line, launching at Mr. Olympia 2023, is tailored for the fitness elite, promising to bolster both physical and cognitive performance.

This move underscores CELH's dedication to a community that values wellness as much as a good workout.

Bottom Line

Data supports a continued Bullish outlook, driven by product innovation and expansion into new markets domestically and internationally.

Weโ€™re playing this one to the upside this week and view any pullbacks as accumulation opportunities.

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