7 stories I have to share with you.

November 18, 2022
I’ve run across some weird stories lately that I thought I’d share with you on “Fun Friday” here on the LikeFolio Daily Drop.

Some of this you just cannot make up:

1. The Chief Regulatory Officer at the imploded ponzi-scheme known as FTX had previously been involved in a similar scandal where he helped cheat a poker site’s own customers out of tens of millions of dollars

2. On Tuesday, the entire mainstream media pushed the story that Russia had shot a missile into Poland, with none other than Zelensky himself confirming the accusation in a bizarre attempt to start WW3. 

One little problem… the missile was fired by Ukraine:
Now THAT is a correction… 

3. Target’s (TGT) terrible earnings report included the fact that over $400,000,000 worth of goods had been stolen from its stores this year

The company attributed a majority of the theft to organized retail crime, a phenomenon that has taken hold over the last 12-18 months in response to lax enforcement of shoplifting crimes by local district attorneys. 

4. Fund Managers are sitting on tons of cash, historically speaking…
This amount of money on the sidelines could create a massive squeeze higher if we get an “all clear” signal from the Federal Reserve or Ukraine…

5. Bad news for potheads… you’re not more creative. You just think you are

6. Consumer interest in investing in stocks is starting to boom again…

7. “Act like you’re my mom.” This fast-thinking kid and brave shop worker played it cool and avoided a possible abduction.

Next week we’ve got a short week due to Thanksgiving, but plenty of earnings opportunities on the way.

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