8 Cryptos to Watch in 2022 ($BNB, $AVAX, $THETA, $ATOM, $WAX, $HIVE, $ILV, $GALA)

December 23, 2021

One thing has been made perfectly clear in 2021: Cryptos are here to stay.

Considering the current state of the overall market (down -20% in the past month), we’re looking to accumulate valuable blockchain assets at a discount.

There are 1000’s of names to choose from, but significantly less will prove to be profitable long-term investments — To help cut through the noise, we’re highlighting 8 projects we’re bullish on for 2022 and beyond.

Blue Chip Blockchains:

Binance Coin ($BNB):

  • $90B Market Cap
  • -22% off ATH

Avalanche ($AVAX):

  • $29B Market Cap
  • -18% off ATH

Promising Technology:


  • $4.3B Market Cap
  • -71% off ATH

Cosmos ($ATOM):

  • $6.1B Market Cap
  • -51% off ATH

Fast, Cheap, and Undervalued:


  • $862M Market Cap
  • -53% off ATH


  • $586M Market Cap
  • -56% off ATH

Blockchain Gaming:

Illuvium ($ILV):

  • $729M Market Cap
  • -41% off ATH

Gala ($GALA):

  • $3B Market Cap
  • -44% off ATH

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