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September 29, 2016

LikeFolio tracks cashtag mentions of almost every publicly traded company.  This is in addition to our primary focus of tracking consumer mentions of the brands and products that the companies own.

When it comes to cashtags, we measure two things:  Investor Buzz, and Cashtag Sentiment.

What is Investor Sentiment?

Investor Sentiment is data about how bullish or bearish the investor/trader chatter is around a certain stock.

How do you determine the sentiment of a cashtag tweet?

We maintain a massive list of words, phrases and punctuation styles that are used by traders and investors when tweeting about a stock.  We are specifically looking for predictive indicators of future direction.  For example, someone tweeting about a head and shoulders pattern would likely be categorized as bearish, while someone tweeting about beating estimates would be categorized as bullish.

Is investor sentiment predictive?

Yes, but not how you might think.  Through our statistical analysis, we have determined that cashtag sentiment is predictive as a contrarian indicator when data is near extremes.  In other words, when everyone is loudly bullish on a stock, that's usually followed by a drop in price (everyone is already in!), and when everyone is loudly bearish on a stock, it could be signaling a bottom.

What Cashtag Data does LikeFolio provide?

Investor Buzz -- the overall quantity of tweets about the stock
Cashtag Positive Sentiment -- number of tweets bullish about the stock
Cashtag Negative Sentiment-- number of tweets bearish about the stock
Investor Sentiment Score -- Score from 0-100 indicating overall sentiment.

Investor Senitment score is calculated as:  # of BULLISH / (BULLISH + BEARISH).  Neutral are ignored.

How do I get LikeFolio Investor Data?

Cashtag data is available through the LikeFolio API for financial applications and computerized trading/research systems.

It is also available on-demand on a stock by stock basis through a LikeFolio on Demand subscription, and is a component of what drives our LikeFolio Letter & Opportunity Alerts.


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