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Cosmos: Building a Blockchain Ecosystem ($ATOM)

October 13, 2021

Cosmos: Building a Blockchain Ecosystem ($ATOM)

One of the most pressing problems facing the crypto industry today is an over-abundance of specialized blockchain projects which lack a means of interfacing with other networks -- Cosmos plans to solve that problem by creating a new standard for blockchain development with a focus on interoperability and scalability.

Cosmos provides a software development kit (SDK) that addresses these issues with built-in features like Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and the Tendermint core consensus mechanism.
Cosmos has already become the most popular blockchain framework, with public blockchains built with Cosmos SDK already managing more than $6B in assets.
The Cosmos Hub ($ATOM) serves as a central core for the interconnected ecosystem of sovereign, decentralized blockchains created by the cosmos SDK -- It provides a central marketplace as well as various custodial services.   Mentions of Cosmos blockchains and the primary governance token ATOM show that investor awareness is at an all-time high and still rising.

Cosmos’ origins date back to 2014. However, it’s just now coming into its own, as detailed by rising mention volume and price.

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