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Crickets for Lunch: all Buzz or the Future of Protein?

August 16, 2022
Every Monday we conduct a “trend scan.”

It’s a mathematical way to analyze each of the +930 trends in the LikeFolio universe and understand what trends are popping, which trends are declining, and which trends have experienced an inversion point.

Yesterday, a clear theme emerged…and my skin has been itching ever since.
Insects are buzzing.

In every sense of the word.

Consumer discussions related to insects as an ingredient in food – from snacks like the highly politicized cheese puffs example to protein bars and flour – are at all-time highs.
Products made with insects (intentionally) are popping up at an increasing rate.

The edible insect market is expected to reach $9.6 billion by 2030.

And governments are clearing the path to authorize insects as official “food.”
But what do real consumers think about this?

Is this an area where CPG brands should be investing precious research and development dollars?

That’s where LikeFolio offers a cheat code. We can isolate not only how many people are talking about a trend, but how sentiment shakes out.

Sentiment is often the most helpful indicator when it comes to long-term traction.

Initial sentiment analysis doesn’t look promising for widespread adoption of insects as food – at least among English speakers.

Sentiment has dropped significantly as Buzz rises.

Key takeaway: CPG brands can take this “insect buzz” with a grain of salt.

U.S. consumers appear to be rejecting the alternative protein source…for now.

We’ll be tracking this trend and hundreds of others in real-time for any changes.


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