Disney+ Cancellation Chatter Skyrocketed in March

April 11, 2022

Disney has come under serious fire recently…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed the “Parental Rights in Education” bill into law… more commonly known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Disney took a public stance opposing the bill, and people around the world aren’t happy.

It has resulted in many stating they will cancel their subscription to the Disney+ streaming app.

The tweet above is from former Liverpool soccer player Dejan Lovren.

LikeFolio recorded a spike in mentions multiple times in March, related to this politicized event.

Is it time to panic?


Cancellation mention volume is already normalizing.

And LikeFolio members know that political boycott events rarely have any bite.

Do you remember Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ scandal? Or the one involving Dave Chappelle?

Barely? Not at all?


Here’s what we know:

  • Prior to this event, Disney+ cancellation mentions had been steadily moving lower – a positive sign for long-term retention.
  • Consumer time spent streaming is tempering on a YoY basis as consumers resume “normal” social activities. These mentions are pacing -10% YoY.
  • Disney+ new subscription growth has been slowing for some time, especially among English speakers. Keep an eye out for continued international growth.
  • Disney+ consumer happiness is consistently higher vs. peers.

Happiness has slipped by 4 points in the last month but is showing signs of normalization. Recommend tracking this for any long-term impact.

Bottom Line: Disney+ user growth IS slowing among English speakers. But this was a trend prior to this politicized event, not because of it.

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