DoorDash: A New 52 Week Low into Earnings

February 16, 2022

DoorDash has earnings this week and it might be something worth paying attention to especially after it just made a new 52-week low.

The company just recently announced DoorDash Capital, which is allowing restaurants to apply for loans for rent, expansion, rent, etc. This is an interesting move given that many restaurants went through PPP last year so I remain curious to see what management has to say (if anything) on the call this week in regards to this.

YoY purchase intent mentions on most food deliveries are down, but DoorDash is down the least, which could be a positive sign on these current new lows.

And Purchase Intent Volume the past 30-days dwarfs its peers by a large margin, so this is certainly a positive.

Technically, the weekly price chart could begin to base if the 52-week low holds and into earnings we are curious to guidance and comments in regards to items mentioned above.

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