How video saved the social media star (META)

June 12, 2024

META shares have surged from 2022 lows -- trading nearly +450% higher since October 2022.

The company touts billions of users across its multiple platforms as well as virtual reality glasses.

But what is actually driving recent growth (aside from significant efforts to reduce costs, of course)?


Reels are short, TikTok-esque user-generated videos present on both Facebook and Instagram, allowing users to create and discover engaging content within these established platforms.

Instead of developing a standalone app to compete directly with TikTok, META incorporated Reels into its existing channels. This decision leverages Facebook and Instagram's vast user bases and integrates Reels seamlessly into their Explore and Feed sections, making it easy for users to create, share, and discover short-form videos without switching apps.

On Instagram, Reels and video content continue to drive engagement, with Reels now accounting for 50% of the time spent within the app. On Facebook, video content, including Reels, contributes significantly to user engagement.

Overall, video comprises...

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