Is AMD Losing its Mining Dominance?

March 18, 2021

Is AMD Losing its Mining Dominance?

Although Nvidia’s (NVDA) GeForce series has represented the gold standard for high-end graphics cards for several years, Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) Radeon GPUs have enjoyed a cult status with cryptocurrency miners. LikeFolio data shows NDVA is making headway…Mentions of utilizing an NVDA graphics card for crypto mining have surged past those of AMD in the past month. Why? The CMP HX Line. Nvidia announced a dedicated line of mining GPUs last month, which have just started to hit the market.
Some of AMD’s older Radeon cards still sell for twice their MSRP on Ebay, due to their desirability for mining, but the brand’s supremacy is being tested by Nvidia's recent launch.

On The Flipside, AMD is Gaining with Gamers

The PC Gaming industry has exploded in the past year. Consumer Mentions of playing video games on a PC are trending +61% YoY on a 365-day moving average, reflecting a global sales increase of +16.2% in 2020. Looking at the underlying graphics card mentions, it’s evident that Nvidia (NVDA) came out on top, but can they maintain their lead? Gaming-specific Mentions for NVDA’s Geforce GPUs have fallen below the prior year: -13% YoY on a 30-day moving average.
Conversely, those of AMD’s Radeon are showing strength: +14% YoY in the same timeframe.
We’ll be watching closely to see if Radeon can continue to close the gap. Watch for a full coverage addition report for AMD in the coming months.

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