Is Delta the new airline leader? DAL, LUV

April 13, 2023

The airline industry has always been a volatile one, with companies facing a myriad of challenges ranging from regulatory issues to economic instability.

However, the past few years have seen the industry experience a unique set of circumstances, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the biggest game-changer.

In 2022, after months of being cooped up indoors due to pandemic-induced lockdowns, people were eager to travel and take vacations.

This led to a surge in demand for flights, as families and individuals rushed to book trips to exotic destinations.

However, with the world slowly returning to normal, demand for flights is beginning to stabilize:

Moreover, the airline industry has seen a change in leadership, with Delta (DAL) now taking the lead as the top-rated airline.

This comes as a result of Southwest's (LUV) antiquated scheduling and communication systems that led to passengers being stranded in airports. This shows that in today's world, efficiency and good customer service are key drivers of success.

It turns out, people don’t like being stranded in airports due to antiquated scheduling and communication systems.

Despite the recent uptick in demand for flights, the airline industry is facing tough times ahead. With higher oil prices, airlines are grappling with increased operating costs, which could eat into their profit margins.

Furthermore, consumers are becoming increasingly price-sensitive, and airlines that fail to offer competitive prices could see a decline in their market share.

Historically, the airline industry has always been prone to fluctuations. For instance, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the industry saw a sharp decline in demand for air travel.

This led to many airlines filing for bankruptcy and others being forced to merge with their competitors.

Similarly, during the 2008 financial crisis, airlines faced a tough operating environment as consumers cut back on travel expenses.

To sum it up-- the airline industry is facing a tough year ahead as it contends with tough year-over-year comparisons, stubborn energy prices, and increased price sensitivity from consumers.

While the industry has weathered many storms in the past, it remains to be seen how it will adapt to the unique challenges posed by the current environment.

discussed this in depth on the TD Ameritrade Network yesterday…enjoy!

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