Kiss and Makeup

August 11, 2022
Restaurants are open, concerts are packed, and the ladies want to look their best. 

Life is back, and so is the cosmetics industry.
Demand for makeup products is surging, with purchase intent mentions up by 69% year over year. Nice.

So, who are the winning companies (and stocks) that could benefit the most from this macro tailwind?

Two ways to play the makeup boom 

Revlon (REV) shares hit a loss of $1.08 earlier this year as the company moves through a bankruptcy process. 

The company is the #12 most heavily shorted stock on the entire market, with over 35% of its float sold short.

This has led to some interesting short squeeze opportunities for short-term traders lately, with the stock nearly doubling in price within just a few hours on August 1st of this year.

That followed a similar and even more impressive squeeze in mid-June where Revlon stock shot higher by more than 500% in a matter of days.

These short-term opportunities are becoming more and more common as “meme stock” plays take hold of Wall Street.

LikeFolio can help you spot these big moves in advance with our STOCK CHATTER ALERTS service… sending you the ticker symbols of the day that are getting highly unusual levels of chatter on social media – a key indicator that a big meme-stock style short squeeze could be on the way.

We’ll make sure STOCK CHATTER ALERTS members are the first to know the next time REV triggers!

Elf Beauty (ELF) is a cosmetics company with an almost opposite track record as Revlon.

Shares have recently hit all-time highs as the company continues to impress Wall Street.

And it’s no wonder… when we plot ELF vs larger competitors on LikeFolio’s famous Outlier Grid chart, we can clearly see ELF leading the pack in both of our key metrics; Consumer Demand (x-axis) and Consumer Happiness (y-axis).

When companies reach this level of consumer enthusiasm, we pay attention. And with the stock price making new all-time highs recently, it seems like Wall Street is starting to catch on.

Bottom line: Cosmetics are back, and whether you’re a long-term investor looking for the outlier winner, or a trader looking for short-term squeeze plays… LikeFolio has got you covered.

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