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When we talk about Consumer Happiness, or "social sentiment", we are talking about mentions of brands that contain words or phrases that are either positive or negative in nature.

Example:  "I love my new iPhone" would be considered a positive tweet about iPhone and therefore be mapped back to Apple ($AAPL.)

We have a huge, proprietary universe of keywords and phrases.  Some are scored more highly positive than others.

Example:  "I love the new iPhone I just bought.“ would be considered a positive tweet and be scored more positive than the previous example because it contains multiple positive indications, including a consumer purchase intent mention.

The mention is scored as a whole, so multiple sentiment keywords and phrases are considered in the final tally for the mention.  We score both positive and negatively.

Example:  "I love my iPhone but hate that it always drops calls” would be considered a negative tweet because its negative sentiment phrases have a higher weight than its positive keyword scores.

Consumer Happiness Score

LikeFolio delivers consumer happiness mentions as three unique datasets:  # of positive mentions, # of negative mentions, and % happiness

% happiness =   positive mentions / (positive mentions + negative mentions) 

LikeFolio Consumer Happiness Data is available in our research dashboard, and contributes to many of our opportunity alerts.