LikeFolio Launches TickerTree – The “Rosetta Stone” For Financial Content

May 19, 2022

TickerTree is a brand-to-company database service that connects products and brands to their parent company. These connections help data-miners, content creators/publishers, and financial platforms accurately map any content to the appropriate company and stock market ticker symbol.

Originally developed in-house for internal use by LikeFolio, this powerful content-mapping engine is now available for license under the new standalone brand, TickerTree.

Features and benefits of TickerTree include:

  • Content Tagging – TickerTree allows clients to tag any piece of content with each of its associated ticker symbols by identifying all of the mentioned brands and products.
  • Reverse Stock Look Up – Reverse Stock Lookup enables a financial platform’s end-users to discover stock ticker symbols by searching for a brand or product name.
  • Many more applications are possible with our flexible API returning results on over 100,000 keywords tied to 11,000+ brands in the growing brand-to-company database.

Flexible API Integrates Directly into your Workflow

TickerTree customers are able to license the full database for use on their own systems or ping a pay-per-use API with sections of text containing brand, product, or company names for identification and tagging. 

Use case examples include:

  • Enabling a brokerage or financial platform to return the proper company and ticker symbol when a client searches for a hot new brand or product.
  • Powering a quant-fund to accurately “tickerize” all of its incoming content feeds.
  • Enhancing a content publisher’s reach by accurately tagging pieces with all of the relevant ticker symbols for distribution.

TickerTree is available now under an annual subscription model. For more information, visit

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