Logitech (LOGI) Raises Guidance

March 2, 2021

Logitech (LOGI) Raises Guidance

Over the past year, we’ve been pounding the drum for Logitech (LOGI), as they have heavy exposure to several pandemic-driven trends: Working from home (WFM) and PC Gaming.

  • Working from Home Mentions: +241% YoY
  • PC Gaming Mentions: +26% YoY

Product-specific mentions for Logitech show just how popular PC peripherals have become with mentions of webcams, keyboards, and mice still trending +35% YoY.

Yesterday, Logitech raised its revenue forecast for the 2021 Fiscal Year (ending 3/31).

Considering the strength of the underlying product data and, the ongoing success of other work from home driven names like Zoom (ZM), we’re remaining Bullish.

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