Monday Preview

May 2, 2022

83 companies in our coverage universe are set to report this week.

Here are some highlights, recaps, and stocks to watch:

Expedia (EXPE):

  • Expedia reports after the close on Monday, May 2nd.
  • Travel and vacation-related trends have been on the rise for some time. However, macro headwinds (like inflation and rising fuel prices) have weighed on the industry, stunting its bounce back.
  • EXPE’s Purchase Intent Mentions have increased by +42% YoY but do show some signs of tempering in 22Q2.

Starbucks (SBUX):

  • Starbucks will release second-quarter fiscal 2022 earnings after the close on May 3.
  • In SBUX’s previous report the company missed earnings expectations, largely due to rising supply chain costs and underperformance in China.
  • Since then, shares have traded ~25% lower.
  • Consumer demand among English speakers continues to improve, pacing +6% higher YoY on a 90-day Moving Average and +11% YoY on a 30-day Moving Average (acceleration).

Uber (UBER):

  • Uber will post earnings for its latest quarter after the close Wednesday, May 4.
  • A continued return to regular nightlife and rising airport travel have bolstered Uber demand by +9% QoQ and +2% YoY.
  • Genericized mentions from consumers utilizing ride-sharing services have risen at an even steeper clip, +29% QoQ and +55% YoY.
  • Uber Happiness is spiking higher following the company’s decision to drop mask mandates: +5% YoY.
  • Uber aspires to be a travel ‘Superapp’ and will begin rolling out additional booking services (trains, buses, planes, car rentals) in the U.K. in 2022.

DoorDash (DASH):

  • DASH posts 22Q1 earnings Thursday, May 5 after the bell.
  • Overall Mention growth is flat at +3% YoY, and so is Purchase Intent growth: +1%.
  • Trends suggest consumers are eating out more (going to a restaurant mentions: +25% YoY) and ordering in less (generic food delivery mentions: -4% YoY).

Teladoc (TDOC):

  • TDOC shares plunged more than 40% in the wake of its earnings release last week after the company warned of a weak sales outlook and rising costs.
  • Data shows Teladoc consumer demand mentions register well above pre-pandemic levels, currently trending +21% YoY.
  • However, overall telehealth demand shows signs of deceleration. Current mentions remain relatively flat YoY, but -21% lower QoQ.

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