More Consumers are using FuboTV (FUBO) than ever before

November 9, 2021

When it comes to viewing live television content, not all platforms are created equally. LikeFolio data suggests one provider, in particular, is outperforming vs. peers: FuboTV (FUBO)

On the chart above, the higher a company is located on the y axis, the more satisfied its customer base is. The further to the right the company is located on the x-axis, the larger its demand growth. So -- quickly growing companies with happy consumer bases should be located in the top right. This is the sweet spot. And this is exactly where FuboTV finds itself. What is giving FUBO an edge? Two main factors: a growing consumer preference for streaming content OTT (over the top) vs. traditional cable, and FuboTV's live-sports offerings. In 2020, more than 2.13 billion people worldwide used some type of OTT streaming service. This number is expected to grow to 2.71 billion by 2025. FuboTV believes its streaming experience is superior vs. peers because of its product experience and affordable pricing. Fubo currently offers the most bang-for-your-buck vs. competitors, with 100+ channels at $65/mo. While Hulu Plus Live TV and YouTube TV have offerings at the same price, both carry significantly fewer channels. While this price is also competitive vs. DISH, it requires no installation, hardware or long-term contract. Mentions like the one below confirm this premise, and contribute to a happiness rating that is 66% positive, and rising.

The fact that Happiness levels have improved on a YoY basis is impressive, mostly due to the explosive growth FuboTV's platform is recording. Sometimes when companies onboard large swaths of new members, capacity is strained and results in a lessened consumer experience. But that is not the case with Fubo.  And you can see that consumer mentions of signing up and using FuboTV have increased by triple digits on a YoY basis (the green line on the chart below).

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