Crocs (CROX) was a surprise for most of the market, but we saw it coming.

See how we saw Crocs rise coming.

We analyze consumer posts.

A consumer posts.

A consumer’s message about a brand or product is captured in real-time – ready to be sliced and diced for behavioral insight.

We dig deep.

Literally. We sort through millions of posts and find what matters. Nothing gets by us.
Purchase Intent
Two little words tell us that Jacky spent their hard-earned cash and took a pair of Crocs home.
Negative Sentiment
Sticks and stones make break your bones, but the word “ugly” is an important indicator of Jacky’s feelings about their footwear.
Positive Sentiment
Lack of aesthetic appeal can’t beat comfort and wearability, according to Jacky.

We put it all together.

We analyze this tweet and millions just like it to let investors know that something big was brewing for Crocs.

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You beat Wall Street

Armed with visibility into the company’s explosive sales growth, you show Wall Street who’s boss.

After our alert, CROX gained as much as 1,114% and left our subscribers screaming "I told you so!"
Investors took notice.
1,114% growth
“Just crazy!”
“Long before the market got all excited”

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