Pay Attention to Roku's partnership with Nielsen

March 10, 2021

Pay Attention to Roku's partnership with Nielsen

Looking at a chart of the underlying consumer demand growth, it’s not hard to see why we’ve been bullish on Roku (ROKU) for so long…

The massive 19Q4 bar (for the quarter ended 12/31/19) gained +57% YoY, which made the decision to buy at ~$90 a share in the following March a no-brainer.

Over the course of the pandemic and lockdowns, ROKU has established itself as the undisputed king of the OTT streaming industry, specifically through its innovative and lucrative advertising features.

Now it’s taking steps to further expand its advertising dominance, with a landmark deal to acquire Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising business.

This partnership will improve advertisers’ ability to reach their desired market and measure performance across ~100 million smart TVs and other streaming devices.

And, more importantly, this provides ROKU with an opportunity to capture an even larger portion of ad spend in the future – Very bullish.

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