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Pumpkin-flavored Everything is (finally) Out of Style

September 13, 2022
If you haven’t received the memo (are you living under a rock?) – it’s officially Pumpkin Spice season. 

Starbucks launched its fall menu, including its infamous PSL – pumpkin spice latte – at the end of August, marking its 19th year of brewing the cult classic. 

But at LikeFolio, we’re listening for flavor preference shifts beyond the traditional pumpkin flavor. And we’ve got some ideas for Starbucks, based on demand growth for specific ingredients and flavor profiles, as reported by consumers.
Note that traditional fall favorites like Apple, Oat, and Pumpkin are recording relative staleness – and even LOSS of momentum – on a YoY basis. 

Traditional and nostalgic flavors, for sure. But lacking inspiration. [Many consumers agree.]
In contrast, flavors like Marshmallow, Honey, Sea Salt, and Snickerdoodle are gaining steam with consumers.
Qualitative analysis reveals that many consumers are topping traditional favorites like the PSL with marshmallows…do we detect a potential premium add-on?

Bottom line: LikeFolio data extends beyond company-specific insights thanks to macro consumer trends. These trends provide serious value for teams tasked with research and development…for hot beverages, for instance.


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