The Cosmos Ecosystem is Gaining Momentum ($ATOM, $LUNA, $THOR)

January 5, 2022

2 weeks ago, we released a report detailing 8 cryptos to watch in 2022, providing a short bullish case for some of our favorite crypto projects.
In terms of market outperformance, one of them is already living up to our expectations: Cosmos ($ATOM).
In the “8 cryptos to watch” report, we highlighted Cosmos as:
“The central hub in a growing network of custom, interoperable blockchains, built using the Cosmos SDK (Software Development Kit) — Already secures over $170B worth of digital assets, with a growing community of apps and services — Lots of potential for future growth as the ecosystem expands."

Cosmos’ underlying mentions also demonstrated notable growth while the price fell in Q4’21 — Those mentions have surged to new highs in recent weeks, trending +49% MoM on a 30-day moving average.

The recent uptick in investor Buzz comes as a direct result of the impressive rally in the price of ATOM tokens, which have gained by more than +50% since the release of the “8 cryptos to watch” report.

In terms of market cap, the “Cosmos hub” (AKA: ATOM), isn’t even the largest blockchain built using the Cosmos-SDK framework.

Terra ($LUNA) takes that honor, with a market cap of $31B putting it just inside the top 10 (and several paces ahead of Cosmos at $9B).

We first identified this unique price-stability protocol as an outperformer in mid-September 2021.

Since then crypto-specific mentions of the Terra protocol and LUNA tokens have continued to outperform: +90% QoQ (30d MA)

LUNA tokens have also gained by more than +100% since our September feature, but of late, they have not shown the same strength as many other projects in the Cosmos ecosystem. THORChain ($RUNE), has not had that problem.
Although the market cap of this DeFi protocol remains well below its past highs (down nearly -50% since May), RUNE has joined in on the ATOM rally, up nearly +10% in the past week.

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