This App is So Popular even TikTok is Jealous

September 21, 2022
Every Wednesday our research team scours troves of LikeFolio data points to find a “winner.” 

This could be a brand, product, or entire company that is outperforming in the eyes of consumers. 

When the team sent this over, it honestly shocked me.
Talk about an outlier. 

The chart above plots every single brand in the LikeFolio universe (more than 11,500 of them). 

Each brand appears to line up uniformly on a single line…except for one: BeReal. 

BeReal is a new social media app thriving among Gen Z and Millennial circles. 

The use case: you can only post once a day in a 2-minute window (lets you be called out) and you can only see your friends’ posts if YOU have posted. 

The goal: an authentic look into user lives. The anti-influencer app, if you will. No filters. No time for posing. 

And its recent growth is so tremendous (the X-axis represents purchase intent – or usage and download mentions) it completely distorts the rest of the chart. 

You can see the progression of BeReal app downloads below: rapidly rising month over month since launch in the U.S.
This has translated to more than 15 million daily active users

The app is SO popular even TikTok is taking notice…and playing the role of copy-cat, for once. 

TikTok launched its standalone ‘TikTok Now’ app over the weekend. Instagram is reportedly working on a new ‘Candid’ feature that looks eerily similar to the BeReal experience. (So far neither of these copy-cats are driving near the levels of buzz as BeReal.) 

The key takeaway here is that users are gravitating to an authentic social media experience – one that is less curated and more organic. 

This has serious implications for brands and advertisers. The company is working to figure out how to monetize its users, and initial plans suggest the company is leaning more toward paid features vs. advertising. But this could change. 

Additional implications exist for companies…specifically obstacles related to privacy. 

As BeReal popularity rises, so does a concern among employersOften, BeReal sends its notification in the middle of the workday, and many people mindlessly snap a picture of their work screen. See the confidentiality violation risk there? 

For investors: right now BeReal is privately owned. However, its growth is already changing the way users consider social media…similar to TikTok’s disruption a few years ago. 

Pay close attention to how this app disrupts the market share breakdown of current social media apps…and how this could influence the flow of ad dollars moving forward. 

BeReal is already transforming the way brands approach social media. Chipotle even ran a promo code campaign as a way to test the best way to reach app users.

We’ve got a close eye on this space as it continues to evolve. Right now, it’s still early innings. But members will be the first to know when we spot an opportunity.

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