Two Factors Impacting Disney (DIS) Earnings

May 13, 2021

Two Factors Impacting Disney (DIS) Earnings

While LikeFolio doesn't officially "cover" Disney (check out this ownership map to understand the breadth), we do have insights into two critical areas investors will be watching on the company's 21Q2 report:

  • Streaming (Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+)
  • Park Reopening (US-Based)

Streaming mentions of shows and movies across all platforms and channels are down -30% YoY.

  • LikeFolio data shows overall mentions of Disney+ are -36% lower YoY -- this is about in line with the industry average on the chart above, and better than that of Netflix (-57% YoY).
  • Cancelation mentions and original content launches support retention. Mentions of canceling Disney+ are -38% lower YoY, and we recorded a bump in demand when Disney+ launched WandaVision.
  • New subscriber growth is slowing among English-speakers, but LikeFolio data does not capture international expansion.

On the flip side, consumer interest in visiting a Disney park is ramping.

  • Planning or taking a Disney trip mentions surged in July when Disney reopened its Florida Parks.
  • LikeFolio is recording significant acceleration in these mentions in 2021: mentions of going to Disney or planning a trip to Disney have increased +18% vs. last month.

Disney reports 21Q2 earnings May 13 after the bell.

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