What's Shakin' With $SHAK?

March 24, 2022

With Covid-19 mandates all but over, fast food and fast-casual are starting to get back to normal. 

Add in warmer weather ahead and things could start shaking up to be more positive for Shake Shack.

But then again with fast-casual in general heating up, a lot of fast-casual chains are seeing rebounds post-covid.

So let's dive in and see how Shak compares to some of its peers...

In its recent 21Q4 earnings report, the company beat revenue and earnings: Revenue increased +29% YoY to $203M, driven by opening 36 new domestic chains. Even more, they saw positive sales rebounds in major markets like New York City, which could continue to increase with the Summer months approaching and pandemic mandates starting to lighten.

When compared to fast-casual peers, like McDonald's for example, which missed on 21Q4 earnings... LikeFolio data is seeing SHAK take the lead.

Purchase Intent Mentions are +11% QoQ on a 90-day moving average. 

But like many stocks with this volatility, it’s taken a bit of a hit. Off about -45% from its 52-week high...

Shake Shack also has a sentiment edge over its fast-food/fast-casual peers. 

SHAK's happiness is at ~74%, 10 points higher than peers. 

Why is that important? Well, fast-casual in general is rebounding and Covid fears are waning. With many choices in this space to invest in, LikeFolio Data can help us find a potential winner out of the bunch.

In this scatter chart below, it's no surprise here that Shake Shack is also leading its peers.

But, there are still some concerns as many restaurants, SHAK included, face inflation issues... Rising food costs led to the company raising food prices.

However, inflation is affecting all fast-casual as is, and that aside Shak is the clear winner compared to its peer group heading into Summer.

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