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Y’all are trippin’

December 23, 2022

Last week Quebec established a major precedent in Canada.

The province became the first governing medical body to publicly fund psilocybin-assisted therapy.

This move paves the way for other provinces to follow suit in Canada, and potentially other countries around the world.

Imagine the growth potential for pharmaceutical companies operating in this arena if health coverage continues to expand to include psychedelic therapies.

We’ve been following the medical applications of psilocybin for months now, featuring some of the most promising players in the space on our November MegaTrends Report.

Since publishing, psilocybin mentions continue to boom, pacing +338% higher YoY and +31% higher from the time the report was published.

It’s clear we’re still in the very early stages of trend development AND investor opportunity spotting, but the momentum is palpable.

Members can expect updates in 2023 as the psychedelic space matures.


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