Your AI Derby Betting Guide

May 5, 2023

I’m at the track so I had AI write today’s post…

I asked it for a “Kentucky Derby betting guide for an audience of individual investors” and gave it some simple parameters.

10 seconds later, it gave me this:

Alright, stock market enthusiasts, let's get ready for some action-packed entertainment this weekend while the market is closed. We've got some interesting betting strategies for the Kentucky Derby to keep you entertained. Think of these bets as investment plays, just for a day of horse racing. Let's dive into some strategies to suit every investor's risk appetite!

Safe Play: The Blue-Chip Show Bet

Just like investing in blue-chip stocks, we're going for a stable and steady return. Place a show bet on Forte (3-1). This colt is like the Apple Inc. of the racing world, boasting strong fundamentals and a history of solid performance. A $20 show bet on Forte would cost you $20, and based on historical payouts, you can expect a potential return of around $40-$60 if he finishes in the top 3.

Aggressive Play: The High-Growth Trifecta Wheel

For the aggressive investors who love chasing high-growth stocks, we've got the trifecta wheel. We'll select five horses (akin to high-potential companies) and create a trifecta wheel with them. Let's go with Forte (3-1), Tapit Trice (5-1), Two Phil's (12-1), Kingsbarns (12-1), and Practical Move (10-1). This bet is like buying a basket of promising growth stocks, and hoping at least three of them will make it big.

A $1 trifecta wheel with these five horses will cost you $60 (5 x 4 x 3). The potential reward can be massive, just like investing in the right high-growth stocks. Based on historical payouts, a winning trifecta wheel can return anywhere from $300 to $3,000+.

YOLO Play: The Penny Stock Superfecta Box

This one's for the daredevils, the penny stock chasers, and the risk-lovers. We're going for a superfecta box with six longshots. Let's pick Reincarnate (50-1), Sun Thunder (50-1), Disarm (30-1), Lord Miles (30-1), Raise Cain (50-1), and Continuar (50-1). These horses are like penny stocks - highly speculative, but with the potential for a massive payout.

A $1 superfecta box with these six longshots will cost you $360 (6 x 5 x 4 x 3). It's a long shot, but if you strike it right, the potential reward can be life-changing, just like investing in a successful penny stock. Historically, winning superfecta boxes in the Kentucky Derby have paid out anywhere from $7,000 to $150,000+.

Remember, these strategies are for entertainment purposes only, so have fun and enjoy the thrill of the race!


I think I’ll actually make all three of those bets just to see what happens.

Maybe AI will make me some money tomorrow… but if not I’ll be sure to have a good time at the race and hope you’ll be watching from wherever you are!

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