Is ROKU Still a Buy?

June 23, 2021

Is ROKU Still a Buy?

ROKU shares have gained +363% since we identified this as an “oversold opportunity” in March last year, and we’ve since re-iterated our long-term bullish outlook.
Roku, and other streaming-focused names, have lost favor in recent months, as the reopening narrative has taken command of the market. Still, LikeFolio data shows promising retention for ROKU.
Purchase Intent Mention volume in the current quarter (ending 6/30) pales in comparison to the record levels seen during the lockdown last year…But its showing improvement vs. pre-COVID levels, trending +10% vs. 2019.

For ROKU, user retention is the name of the game, as more users mean more ad revenue. Underlying consumer Demand suggests that they're doing a good job of keeping quarantine converts on board.

Roku’s stock price has surged +23% higher in the past week, boosted by the launch of ‘Roku Originals’ which drew a record number of unique viewers to the Roku Channel...It could be due for a breather soon, and this is a name worthy of accumulation on dips.

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