Rising Oil Prices are Generating New Energy Investors ($CL=F)

September 29, 2021

Rising Oil Prices are Generating New Energy Investors ($CL=F)

A profusion of speculative money has flooded into every corner of the financial markets over the past 2 years – We explored the impact this phenomenon has had on precious metals earlier this week …But metals aren’t the only commodity market seeing increased interest from retail investors.

Crude Oil Futures (CL=F) have risen nearly +60% YTD and a host of energy-focused companies and investment vehicles have surged higher in tandem. This burgeoning bull market has not been overlooked. Investor chatter regarding oil and energy investing, crude futures, and popular energy stocks/ETFs (including $OIH, $USO & $XOM) clearly shows an influx of market participants, with mentions trending +41% YoY and +62% vs. 2019 on a 30-day moving average.

Although the all-time high on the Mention trendline corresponds to the brief moment in 2020 when crude oil became “worthless”, the steady grind higher seen in 2021 corresponds with growing investor interest.

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