Could $FERN become the next $MJWL?

September 28, 2021

Could $FERN become the next $MJWL?

Cashtag chatter analysis can be utilized to provide incredibly useful insights for small-cap stocks regarding levels of investor adoption and enthusiasm.
One of our biggest wins using this method of analysis: Majic Wheels Corp(OTC: MJWL) We noted unusually high levels of investor chatter concerning this micro-cap stock and managed to head off a run of more than +250% in the share price.

MJWL shares have since pulled back significantly, but awareness remains elevated.
We’re seeing similar hype brewing for another micro-cap stock: Fernhill Corp. (OTC: FERN) We’ve already sent several stock chatter alerts for this namepointing out rising levels of investor hype.   [To Check Out Stock Chatter Alerts --> CLICK HERE]

Shares have already gained by +100% since our initial alert, but it’s possible this company could experience a similar run to that of MJWL.
FERN and MJWL share similar business models & growth trajectories -- Both companies have recently pivoted into the cryptocurrency space – Last month FERN signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire a digital asset/crypto trading platform.
FERN still has a much smaller market cap compared to MJWL and its management team will need to deliver results in order to keep investors on board.

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