This “Outlier” Stock is CRUSHING the competition

February 8, 2023

13 months ago we doubled down on our bullish thesis for Celsius Holdings (CELH), an energy drink company that has trounced the competition.

The stock is up more than 110% since… despite a less-than-ideal overall stock market.

The crazy part?

We don’t think it’s done yet.

Not by a long shot.

Here’s why:

That’s the famous LikeFolio Outlier Grid.

On the bottom (X) axis, we plot the growth rate of Purchase Intent Mentions --- further to the right means faster-growing consumer demand.

On the left (Y) axis, we plot the sentiment of mentions – higher up means happier customers.

The size of the dot represents the total volume of mentions – market penetration.
Now, look at the outlier grid again.

Celsius continues to outperform all major competitors in every metric that matters to us:

  • Higher demand growth than peers (in fact, the only one with positive growth)
  • Higher consumer happiness levels

As a bonus, the CELH dot is significantly smaller than Monster’s (MNST) dot – indicating that there is plenty of room to grow… and shelf space to take.

Now that’s a high-energy place to be.

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