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Testing our data is like jumping in a time machine to compare market gains and losses against reliable and annotated historical data.
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Track specific tickers, receive alerts, and watch sector-specific trends. Drill down on individual stocks and see where consumer sentiment aligned with gains and losses in trading.
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LikeFolio is your research secret weapon to sniff out game-changing shifts in the market before they happen.
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LikeFolio is source of quantitative data based upon real consumer insights to power your investment engine.
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LikeFolio has partnered with Tradesmith to build Derby City Insights and bring our powerful insights engine to private investors.
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Iron Condor— Neutral Strategy For Earnings Trading

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Buy OTM Puts -- Bearish Strategy For Earnings Trading

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Short The Stock -- Bearish Strategy For Earnings Trading

The simplest bearish strategy.   Used mostly when one of the […]

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LikeFolio analyzes social media data to accurately predict shifts in consumer behavior. We sell data and insights to professional investors, corporate research teams, and software providers.

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