Airbnb is still outperforming its traditional hospitality peers

February 22, 2021

Airbnb (ABNB)

AirbnB is set to report earnings for the first time since it’s December 2020 IPO… How does the underlying data compare with market expectations?

Relative to the all-time high recorded prior to the COVID lockdown, the number of consumers talking about booking accommodations through the Airbnb app has fallen -34% YoY in the last quarter.

airbnb demand vs peers

Compared with other established names in the hospitality industry, this is a relatively small decline in demand, and it seems that Wall St. also expects ABNB to outperform its peers.

Revenue estimates are locked in at -33% YoY for the reporting quarter, nearly exactly in-line with the decrease in Purchase Intent. 

Airbnb will report 20Q4 on Thursday after the bell.

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