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I can’t unsee this

January 20, 2023

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

A common phenomenon many people have observed with many day-to-day things.

Here’s a few of my favorite examples:

But lately, there’s a new example that I can’t unsee.

The Stanley Cup

The new IT girl of water bottles if you will.

This tweet from TD Ameritrade Network’s Jenny Horne sums up this trending product perfectly.

And you know the product is a hit if people are searching for duplications that similarly compare.

You may remember when we put out a warning back in November of last year that the Stanley tumbler was starting to steal some of YETI’s (YETI) thunder.

Well, we’ve got an update.

Yeti vs. Stanley: Who you got?

We dove into Global Web Traffic data for the two brands, and frankly, the story tells itself.

The graph above shows the number of visits to each company’s website. The opposing trends are undeniable.

While Yeti does have more overall web traffic, its number of visits are declining -2% YoY.

On the other hand, Stanley website visits are rapidly inclining a whopping +233% YoY.

Google Trends data also serves as a mirror when comparing each brand’s tumbler cups:

Just look at that divergence…

Additionally, LikeFolio Purchase Intent data mirrors the traffic surge – meaning these visits are likely translating to real dollars spent.

Is Stanley more than just a cup?

As history suggests time and time again, trends eventually fade but brand awareness lingers in consumer minds.

Knowing that, we took a closer look.

We compared two things:

  • Stanley Website Visits – How many people are visiting stanley1913.com.
  • Total Page Views – How many pages consumers click through when they visit.

Page view growth is seriously outperforming total visits…meaning, customers are exploring Stanley 1913’s other product offerings.

Looking at the cup half full, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Stanley is here to stay.


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