This AI Monster is Just Getting Started…

April 26, 2024

NVDA has our attention.

To be fair, we've hammered the table about NVDA countless times over the last two years, most famously when we officially deemed it oversold in September of 2022.

But now, 2 of the largest players in AI just talked about increasing their spend on its products - notably, its H100 GPU, interest for which is surging this year.

What is this coveted processor?

Think of it like this: If a regular computer chip is a bicycle, the H100 GPU is a rocket ship. It can perform a mind-boggling number of calculations in a short amount of time, allowing computers to learn and process information at a much faster rate. This makes it very useful for tasks such as understanding human speech, recognizing faces in photos, or even predicting the weather.

So, when people talk about the H100 GPU, they're talking about a very powerful tool that helps computers understand and interact with the world in more human-like ways.

This makes even more sense when you learn about the two companies talking about seriously upping spend:

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