Investing in THETA is an Asymmetric Bet

December 9, 2021

Investing in THETA is an Asymmetric Bet

Out of the 1000's of blockchain projects, THETA Network ($THETA, $TFUEL) is one that we're particularly excited about. Their long-term plans are quite massive: Developing a decentralized data delivery network on a global scale…If fully realized it could have a monumental impact on the streaming industry and the internet at large. If you’d like to read an in-depth analysis of THETA’s value proposition, check out this report.
In the recent crypto market correction, $THETA and $TFUEL both suffered above-average losses, down -38% and -34% respectively in the past month.
However, individual investors’ mentions of the THETA ecosystem, including the two main tokens ($THETA & $TFUEL) and the NFT platform ThetaDrop, are showing near-term strength.

Despite the price drawdown, chatter specific to the $THETA token, the governance token of the THETA blockchain, has improved +25% QoQ and +56% in the past month (30d MA).

$TFUEL, the token used for internal payments and transaction fees, has a much lower level of engagement — This is largely due to its relative price stability and smaller market cap. Still, Mentions are rising +34% QoQ on a 30-day moving average, while the price retests near-term lows. NFTs are helping to drive hype for THETA near-term, with A-lister Katy Perry set to launch NFTs on the ThetaDrop marketplace later this month. NFT integration showcases the robust capabilities of the layer-1 blockchain. However, THETA's true purpose might not be realized for years to come…Global integration will require a much higher degree of cryptocurrency adoption, among other things.

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