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Modelo, Corona Hard Seltzer driving $STZ Demand

June 29, 2021

Modelo, Corona Hard Seltzer driving $STZ Demand

Last quarter, Constellation Brands beat estimates, reporting net sales +3% YoY driven by strength in its beer segment.

LikeFolio data shows continued demand growth for Modelo Especial and Corona Hard Seltzer.

According to STZ, Modelo Especial is #3 selling beer in U.S. The brand recorded double-digit growth last quarter and sold more than 145 million cases last year, the only imported beer to ever surpass 10 million barrels in volume.

The chart above confirms this growth is continuing: +57% QoQ into the peak Summer season.

Corona Hard Seltzer is also exhibiting relative strength.

Corona's Hard Selzer is outperforming all other brand-tied hard seltzer's in our universe in near-term momentum: +120% QoQ, and bolstered by a Limonada flavor launch in June.

Corona hard seltzer has ~6% of the hard seltzer market niche, while Boston Beer's Truly brand owns closer to 26%...meaning there is plenty of room for additional market share capture.

We're watching for continued momentum from both key brands in Constellation's portfolio.

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