Opportunities in the Digital Learning Space

March 18, 2022

With the pandemic essentially becoming a non-topic and restrictions in the majority of regions gone or limited compared to the last two years, it's only natural that we all try to get back to some form of pre-pandemic routine.

But while we attempt that, there are some aspects, tools, and behaviors that may stay with us.

When countries, states, and cities were plunged into lockdowns, schools and universities in many places were closed and we saw the rise of tools like Zoom.

Now, we know the majority of schools and universities are now back open…But online learning is definitely still a tool that is being utilized.

In fact, it's expected to boom over the next few years. According to Statista, in 2019, the global online e-learning market was approximately $101 billion. By 2026, it is forecasted to have surged, reaching over $370 billion.

Take a look at LikeFolio data for Digital Learning Tools Mentions above. This trend includes talk of using or subscribing to digital study tools, and/or online homework help.

We can see that while there was, of course, a fall at the start of this year, there has been another change in direction and it is now at +15% QoQ and +89% YoY, on a 30-day moving average.

We are also seeing Consumer Demand for online learning companies rise. Coursera is taking a huge lead, at +98% QoQ.

Chegg and Duolingo are trailing behind, but nevertheless, still putting up good numbers in Purchase Intent Mentions.

So, keep an eye on the digital learning space…

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