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Here’s why quant funds love LikeFolio data.

From our historical data and extensive analysis to our reliable clean and up-to-date data sets, take your quant fund to the next level with LikeFolio.

Predictive of Company Revenues

Extensive analysis by academia and private firms have reached the same conclusion: LikeFolio data is predictive of company revenue reports.

Full Point-In-Time References

Every change to our data is logged and annotated so that you can see what the data looked like as of any historical point in time you choose.

Historical Data Since 2012

Every company we cover includes full historical data since Jan 1, 2012, giving our clients the ability to backtest and model with confidence.

Reliable Data Delivery

Daily updates via Amazon S3 buckets ensure that the dataset stays clean and up to date.

Offering Overview

See how your fund can benefit from our data feed.

Review our quant fund overview which includes a white paper, academic analysis of our data, data dictionaries, and our coverage list.

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Case Study

Adding social data to market research pays off.

When a top-tier hedge fund wanted to add social-data to its research and discovery process, it chose the unique data and experience of LikeFolio.

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“You don’t cover as many companies as we’d normally like… but unlike other social-data providers, you provide significant alpha that isn’t highly correlated to our other data sets.”
– Quant Fund Client

Pricing for Data Feed


  • Full Data Since 2012
  • Point-In-Time File Formats
  • Brand Breakdown Available
  • Free Trial of Historical Data
  • Request Company Coverage
  • AWS Data Exchange Certified
Starting at $40,000 per year
Company-level consumer insights data
Starting at $60,000 per year
Company- and brand-level 
   consumer insights data
Starting at $40,000 per year
Macrotrend-level data
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