Why is NVDA up 157% this year?

Yesterday, Nvidia (NVDA) upped its quarterly guidance by a cool $4,000,000,000.   That’s […]

Is the Tech Rally Over? $NVDA $NFLX $TSLA

When we featured mega-cap tech players (like Nvidia and Netflix) […]

The Biggest Name in PC Gaming ($NVDA)

Nvidia (NVDA) is hands down one of LikeFolio’s favorite companies […]

Semis Still Showing Strength: $AMD, $NVDA

Semis Still Showing Strength: $AMD, $NVDA LikeFolio recently added Advanced Micro […]

Is AMD Losing its Mining Dominance?

Is AMD Losing its Mining Dominance? Although Nvidia’s (NVDA) GeForce […]

Nvidia is giving the people what they want

Nvidia (NVDA) In 2020, Nvidia was a huge beneficiary of […]

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