Uber Aiming for Logistics Dominance (UBER)

July 22, 2021

Uber Aiming for Logistics Dominance (UBER)

In the months following the Uber’s IPO, LikeFolio established our long-term bullish view on the company as a potential “moonshot” pick, using the price weakness as an opportunity to build a long-term position.

The basis of our thesis? Uber has a massive distribution and technology advantage that will allow it to dominate local logistics.

Consumer mentions of utilizing the ‘traditional’ ride-sharing aspect of Uber’s business have not returned to pre-COVID levels: -49% vs. 2019 on a 90-day moving average.

But, that doesn’t matter, because Uber is still making huge strides to broaden the scope of its business...Today, Uber reached an agreement to acquire a logistics technology firm, Transplace, for $2.25B.

This helps to solidify some of Ubers existing advantages within the logistics space -- Leveraging tech to optimize route efficiency and paving the way for the inevitable arrival of autonomous delivery vehicles.,

Although Uber Freight still accounts for a tiny portion of the overall business, the company is clearly looking to the future with this acquisition…And so are we.

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