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Consumers speak. We listen, analyze, and dig deep. You win!
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Receive alerts and reports to power your fund management. Partner with our team of analysts to take your research to the next level.
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Plug our consumer-demand-data directly into your client-facing software, tools, and platform or work with us to create custom, high-value content your customers will love.
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Testing our data is like jumping in a time machine to compare market gains and losses against reliable and annotated historical data.
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Track specific tickers, receive alerts, and watch sector-specific trends. Drill down on individual stocks and see where consumer sentiment aligned with gains and losses in trading.
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LikeFolio is your research secret weapon to sniff out game-changing shifts in the market before they happen.
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LikeFolio is source of quantitative data based upon real consumer insights to power your investment engine.
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LikeFolio is your content pipeline positioning your tool as an indispensable resource to your customers.
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LikeFolio has partnered with Tradesmith to build Derby City Insights and bring our powerful insights engine to private investors.
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Brands and Marketers

For Brands and Marketers

Add powerful consumer insights and data into your research workflow.
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LikeFolio's Premium Reports provide instant access to unique insights into consumer behavior

Streaming Wars Sector Report, Vol. 2

Stranger things have happened...Netflix is no longer the […]

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Streaming Wars Sector Report, Vol. 1

Streaming media content is here to stay. Which […]

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Spotify Crisis Report

Is Joe Rogan a deal-breaker or just background […]

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Footwear Emerging Trends Report

LikeFolio data breaks down the top 4 emerging […]

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Create messaging and products that your target customers actually want.

Imagine running a focus group that tracks the behaviors and desires of millions of consumers in real-time, 24/7. That’s the power and speed of Consumer Insights Research from LikeFolio.

Discover Innovation Opportunities

Understand what matters to your customer before you start creating products and feature sets. No clumsy focus groups, just solid, actionable data and insights.

Understand Your Competition

Make smarter brand positioning decisions by harnessing the power of social media data to see how customers react to your competitors’ offerings, as well as your own.

Message Prospects Effectively

Speak the same language as your prospects. LikeFolio can help you determine how to provide consumers with the value they are seeking. (ex: Functional Benefits are hotter than ever. Highlight immune boosting, or gut-health improving features.)

Act Quickly With Confidence

Speed to market is king. Instead of waiting months for consultants to run polling or focus groups, get the answers and insights you need in a matter of days.
Fernando Gros
In the past year ALL the food companies I buy from have changed to more sustainable packing. All my groceries are still delivered and it's impressive that every company has made changes to they way they ship and protect their products.
Tim Wall
Hey @Cadillac - sending me marketing needlessly wrapped in #plastic makes me LESS likely to purchase another one of your SUVs. This is environmentally irresponsible. Get your marketing people into the 21st century and stop adding to the plastic problem. #Sustainability matters
I don't think y'all understand how important this is. @on_running is creating a fully sustainable and recyclable high end running shoe that can be used again and again and again. 

LikeFolio's dashboard is a focus group at your fingertips

LikeFolio built its reputation in the trenches of Wall Street. Now brands and marketers around the world are unleashing these insights to make faster, more accurate decisions.

By tapping into consumers’ social media posts, LikeFolio can quickly capture insights into consumer behaviors and spending trends. Even better, the millions of participants in this continuous “focus group” aren’t performing for an observer. More importantly, THEY are setting driving the topic and feedback at hand. This gives us the real scoop on consumer preferences, at a sample size and speed that traditional methods simply cannot compete with.
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Consider LikeFolio your R&D Partner

Your LikeFolio Membership Includes
On-Demand Research
Competitive Insights
Trend Tracking

On-Demand Research

You ask, we answer. It’s that simple.

Question: Do consumers really care about sustainability?

Answer: Yes. Consumer mentions of purchasing products made from sustainable materials are at an all-time high.

Competitive Insights

Full consumer insights showing how you stack up against your competition and how to improve your brand’s position.

Trend Tracking

Continuously monitor your consumer trend and brand reports in real-time through our Research Dashboard.
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“This report is great! I think these dashboards will be good diagnostic tools for us to vet brand perceptions/insurgent brands in categories.”
- CMO, multinational snack bar company

Pricing for Consulting

  • Access Real-time Consumer Insights on our Dashboard
  • Drive company, brand, and trend coverage
  • Dive deep into millions of unbiased consumer mentions
  • Understand the Competition
  • Get ahead of Key Consumer Trends
  • Learn what makes YOUR Consumer Tick
  • Reports Delivered at your Cadence
  • Big Data, Easily Digestible
  • Clear Action Items
Starting at $25,000 per year
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See our powerful dashboard in action and get a glimpse of the kinds of research and insights available to our members.

About LikeFolio

LikeFolio analyzes social media data to accurately predict shifts in consumer behavior. We sell data and insights to professional investors, corporate research teams, and software providers.

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