Has Etsy Demand Taken 2 Quarters To Flatten the Curve?

March 15, 2022

Unlike Etsy's stock price, which has declined by over 44% in 2022, Consumer Demand for Etsy has been flat for a fair few months now.

If you look below, you can see Consumer Purchase Intent Mentions for the eCommerce company have held low but steady since 21Q2.

However, we can also see that if demand continues in its current vein, it should close at +6% QoQ, making a break above the recent lull.

Even so, it would still finish at -21% YoY.

Focusing on the two other vital LikeFolio metrics, Overall Mentions, and Happiness, we see a similar trend...

Mentions surged in 20Q3 before falling and flattening, with the current quarter (22Q1) on course to close +8% QoQ and -17% YoY.
 Happiness, however, shows a slight decline…

Again, after a peak in 20Q3, it began to fall and is on course to finish this quarter at -2% QoQ and -18% YoY.

Okay, so what about eCommerce overall?

If you have gathered the theme of this article, then you will know that is relatively flat too, +4% QoQ and -7% YoY.

In our eyes, it’s important to be patient. Etsy is a solid company.
Regardless, after such a surge during the pandemic, it’s natural that demand will fall and flatten as people get back to some form of reality.

What we have now though is a potentially good entry point. But first, we need to see a pick-up in Etsy demand once again.

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