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Insights that drive alpha.

LikeFolio data has been proven to be predictive of company top-line revenues and is designed to add significant value to your entire research process.

Test Your Investment Hypothesis

Dive deep into consumer insights that help you understand how consumers on Main Street are reacting to product releases and company initiatives before the results are reported on same-store sales and quarterly revenue.

Discover Hidden Opportunities

Get actionable alerts on specific companies and trends as LikeFolio’s algorithms spot game-changing shifts in consumer behavior.

Track Consumer Trends

Go beyond specific company metrics with insights into consumer trends and behaviors. Is the “cord-cutting” movement losing steam? Is the Keto movement here to stay? With LikeFolio trend research, the answer is just a click away.

Partner With A Research Leader

Think of LikeFolio as your consumer insights research division. We work hand in hand with our hedge fund clients to deliver data and insights that produce real alpha.
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LikeFolio Research = Better Results

LikeFolio understands that at the end of the day, it’s all about performance. That’s exactly why we are so committed to the success of our fund partners. Here are a few examples of the ways that we have helped other firms create alpha:

A Report: Deep dive into which food delivery companies are getting the most traction with consumers.

A Research Request: Is the cord-cutting movement stalling out? If not, which device-maker is winning?

An Alert: Apple iPhone unveil disappoints consumers, expect soft sales.

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Opportunity Alerts

We’ll alert you to meaningful shifts in consumer behaviors and spending around public companies. Think of us as an idea discovery machine.

Trend Reports

Continuously monitor your consumer trend and brand reports in real-time through our Research Dashboard.

Custom Research

We specialize in custom requests, whether it’s researching the effectiveness of a product launch or deep analysis of a macro consumer trend, we’ve got you covered.

Research Dashboard

You’re always one click away from seeing our purchase intent and sentiment data on brands, products, and behaviors.

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“I use LikeFolio to research the consumer-facing companies in our portfolio and discover fresh opportunities I hadn’t even considered"
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  • Opportunity Alerts
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  • Custom Analysis on Companies, Brands, and Trends You Care About
  • Full Access to Our Research Dashboard
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