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Insulet Demand Is Surging, Here’s Why…

April 1, 2022

If you have type 1 diabetes, you will understand the annoyance of having to do four or five insulin injections per day…Unless you have a pump, which is attached to your body via an infusion set, and a device about the size of a smartphone sitting in your pocket.

Both insulin delivery systems have their positives, but there are most definitely negatives attached.

This is where Insulet comes in…
 Insulet’s Omnipod product is a tubeless, wireless insulin management system that is small and attaches directly to the body without the need for any wires or tubes. 

It is designed for the user to wear discretely, essentially addressing some of the problems addressed above. 

After learning about this product, it's easy to see why the demand and buzz surrounding Insulet is so strong.
 Here are three reasons we like the stock...

1. Insulet Consumer Demand is surging.

As you can see in the chart above, the company’s Purchase Intent Mentions, are rising…
 They are currently trending at +86% QoQ and +78% YoY.

This has been helped by the latest Omnipod 5 product.

Overall though, the Omnipod makes life easier for people with type 1 diabetes, essentially working similar to a pancreas (that is a non-scientific view, of course).

It responds to high glucose levels by increasing insulin every 5 minutes to bring glucose down to target.
2. Consumer Sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.

Insulet’s current Happiness Score is 80%.

Something that is able to solve a problem or problems is bound to keep happiness high.

Insulet's products solve problems and help to keep blood sugar levels steady. An absolutely vital aspect for people with diabetes, as it helps reduce the chances of other diabetic-related complications. 

3. Overall mentions of the company and its products are on the rise, suggesting that brand awareness is increasing. 

The buzz surrounding Insulet and its Omnipod product is high, and for the reasons mentioned above, it's no wonder.


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