2 Major Red Flags for HIMS

May 2, 2024

Hims and Hers (HIMS), the eCommerce health and wellness up-and-comer, has been a big winner for LikeFolio members.

We've issued 2 bullish alerts over the last year -- in March '23 and in November '23 -- these positions are up +34% and +61% respectively.

But we have recorded 2 major red flags.

First: Hims web traffic is slowing considerably, down -4% YoY on a 30day Moving Average.

This could mean a stall in new user growth and existing user engagement.

Second: the company is getting political.

Just ask Starbucks or Budweiser. Political stances increasingly polarize and alienate consumers.

HIMS shares are trading ~5% lower today following the tweet quoted above from Andrew Dudum, the company's CEO.

We're officially...

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