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Is Akash Underappreciated? ($AKT)

February 11, 2022

Akash ($AKT) is a blockchain project within the ATOM ecosystem, one which has not received much love from investors in recent months, still trading -75% below its 2021 ATH. However, we can’t ignore the massive long-term potential.

The Akash Network leverages underutilized cloud capacity to provide a fast, decentralized, and low-cost cloud deployment solution.

Akash’s development team claims they can offer cloud computing services at 2x-3x lower cost than that of centralized providers.

Underlying Mentions show that Akash has not faded into obscurity, despite the declining token price.

It could be years before Akash can fully realize its potential — We’ll be tracking it closely to see if the dev team and the project at large can deliver.


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