"The Great Pivot: Stocks, Bonds, and The Rise of High-Yield Savings!"

October 13, 2023

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes." - Mark Twain once observed. And in the tumultuous financial saga of 2023, we're seeing familiar patterns dance to a new tune.

The love affair with stocks is enduring but has seen its ups and downs. After a year-over-year drop, mentions of investing in stocks are showcasing a hopeful rebound. Is this the sign of renewed faith, or a mere hiccup? You decide.

As we peel back the data layers at LikeFolio, one recent shift in consumer preference surprised us.

While stocks still serenade many, the chorus of safety grows louder, and it's not just hearsay. The numbers tell the story.

Long-term bonds, particularly the 10-year and 30-year variants, have emerged as the stalwarts in these unpredictable times.

This chart highlights how mentions of these bonds have skyrocketed in comparison to their 5-year counterpart.

Are bonds the new 'risk-off' sanctuaries for the anxious investor?

Not just bonds.

Another investment vehicle is rising in prominence.

Bonds might be the buzzword on the street, but mentions of high-yield savings accounts are surging among individual investors.

See for yourself how they're not just leading, but dominating the pack, showcasing unparalleled growth.

Between Q3 2022 to Q3 2023, the buzz around these accounts didn't just increase; it exploded from 4% of investor mindshare to a staggering 23% (at the behest of individual equities).

What's fueling this seismic shift? Perhaps a blend of protection and lucrative returns in an era of measly interest rates.

The investor's playbook is getting a fresh rewrite in the near-term.

And we are constantly looking for big winners when consumer behavior shifts. We have one company in our sights who stands to be an enormous beneficiary from rising consumer interest in low risk investment vehicles.

Members, stay tuned…

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