Vroom - Nobody's Happy, But The Demand Is Strong

February 24, 2022

Vroom, the online car marketplace, is showing conflicting data...

The company has attracted the interest of well-known investors, including value investor Bill Miller, who seems to be bullish.

And it’s no wonder...

Looking at Consumer Purchase Intent mentions — which LikeFolio tracks to assess consumer demand — we can see an enormous surge since the start of the pandemic...

It's a surge that has yet to cool down. Purchase Intent mentions are up an enormous +121% QoQ and an even bigger +329% YoY.

The pandemic undoubtedly had a hand in giving more consumers a nudge to online vehicle purchases...

But compared to other companies such as Zoom, which have seen demand fall, Vroom keeps driving higher (excuse the pun).

We don't just track companies at LikeFolio. We also examine social media trends, and Vroom's consumer demand data makes complete sense when you view the data for Buying a Car Online and Used Vehicle Demand...

Okay, so both consumer demand and industry trends are pointing upwards, so what's the problem?

Well, while it's difficult to argue with the current Vroom demand and industry trends, the company does have one problem.

Customers aren't happy, and its Happiness Score is continuing to fall.

score of 31% is not a good look, and as you may have noticed, the volume is increasing (more people are talking negatively about the company).

Now, it's not a reason to altogether avoid the company...
 We spoke about our positivity surrounding Booking Holdings a while back, and that has a similar score.

However, it is a crucial point to take note of, and the company will need to address the issues before consumers look elsewhere.

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