We Can't Stop Winning with this Stock (LOGI)

July 29, 2021

We Can't Stop Winning with this Stock (LOGI)

LikeFolio added an initial long position for Logitech International (LOGI) in April of 2018, based on a strong uptrend in underlying Consumer Demand.

Since then, Purchase Intent Mentions have continued higher, and shares have gained by more than +200%  -- LOGI remains our oldest Tactical Model holding to date.

We're still bullish on this best-of-breed PC peripheral manufacturer long-term, but with PI growth slowing in recent months, we've revised our short and medium-term outlook on the name.

Shares have already pulled back by -14% from our bearish entry in June, and this week's bearish earnings trade is looking like a winner.

This is still one of our favorite companies -- It's also a prime example of how social data allows an unbiased investor to make gains on a stock moving in both directions... The LikeFolio edge!

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