AAPL vs META (goggle edition)

February 5, 2024

It wasn’t just you – tweets about Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset, were flooding X over the weekend.

The headset dropped on Friday, Feb. 2 with a $3,499 price tag.

LikeFolio mentions rocketed nearly +2000% higher MoM:

Even though it is bizarre to see the headset out in public, the consumer reception spells GREAT news for Apple.

Here’s why:

At the highest level: Apple nailed what Facebook couldn’t.

Apple’s Vision Pro may be the first real glimpse of what actual unobtrusive AR could look like.

Facebook is already on its 3rd iteration of the Quest VR headset (released last September). But I bet you haven’t seen anyone wearing one on the Subway.

META’s version translated to be more of a gaming console than a true lifestyle device.

The Quest ships with a pair of controllers and doesn’t feature eye tracking.

With the Vision Pro, your hands are the controllers, and it DOES support very advanced eye tracking.

The end experience is lightyears apart.

You can see a divide from the start in LikeFolio’s sentiment data, where AAPL has already jumped ahead of the first-mover, Quest.

Qualitative analysis shows Apple taking advantage of Quest pain point in regard to real life applications, like being able to see your environment with the headset on.

The next-level implications for the AAPL and the new technology are nothing to laugh at.

Some analysts are already envisioning a separate AI App store.

And others are highlighting a fundamental shift in how things are built. For example, developers won’t need to code in *** for a password if no one else can see your screen but you.

Bottom Line

This is a clearly imperfect product, and it's clearly bleeding edge early adopters or specialized use case users who will buy it.... but it also puts Apple light years ahead of competitors. 

And gives investors hope that Apple’s creativity well isn’t dry.

Just because people look idiotic in public and are crazy for driving with them on...the fact that they CAN do that speaks highly of the tech and runway for the stock.

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